Online Property Appraisal

How it works

Who compiles my Online Property Appraisal?

All Online Property Appraisals are compiled by one of your local Real Estate Institute members who is a Suburb specialist in Mandurah. This is not a computer generated guesstimate that knows nothing about Mandurah and “local” current market conditions.

How are Online Property Appraisals Compiled?

Online Property Appraisals are compiled by using local Real Estate data of recent property sales and properties for sale, current market conditions, your local real estate specialists knowledge and a short form filled out by you detailing the home or properties current status, features and improvements.

Is this service Free?

All Real Estate services on the website are Free to property owners & Investors, please read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more details.

Powered by: Core Logic & your local Real Estate Specialist.

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